Wavives is a 2D arena shooter consisting of only three levels, each separated by an end level boss which you have to defeat to progress to the next stage. The creature that you control will lose a life when it is overwhelmed by the random objects that populate the area, but you can regain lives by collecting items that resemble red cherries seen from the top.

Your primary weapon shoots out alphabets that explode after a few seconds, so it is wise to stay clear of their proximity after letting a couple loose in the wild. The secondary attack are letters that suck in just about anything in a small perimeter, and there is a greater chance of causing more damage to your enemies if you alternate between both shots instead of just depending on your explosives to blow stuff up. There is also a limit to how many alphabets you can have on the screen at any time, and it is recommended that you avoid holding down either shot button for too long or you'd be left with no ammunition to use for a couple of seconds.

You might want to watch the trailer video first before downloading the game, since each stage takes less than five minutes to beat and the download size for the file is close to 200 MB.