steam.jpgSister site Gamasutra are reporting that Randy Pitchford, co-founder of Gearbox Software, has said that Valve is exploiting independent developers with its Steam digital distribution service.

While we normally hear developers proclaiming that Valve is boosting the indie gaming market, Pitchford commented that there is too much "conflict of interest" involved and maybe a little too much money-grabbing. He said:

"Steam helps us as customers, but it's also a money grab, and Valve is exploiting a lot of people in a way that's not totally fair. Valve is taking a larger share than it should for the service it's providing. It's exploiting a lot of small guys. For us big guys, we're going to sell the units and it will be fine."

He finished by saying that as a distribution system, "Steam isn't the answer".

I'm personally one of those who believe Steam is doing a great amount of good for independent gaming, but Pitchford's comments seem to throw that a little. If there are any independent developers who have dealt with Steam in the past, we'd love to hear your take on the issue. Are Valve helping independent gaming develop and be taken more seriously, or is it all about the moolah?

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