Let's take a look at the latest interviews about indie games on the web. Highlights include: Unity Technologies unveiling a free license for their Unity engine, Machinarium designer Jakub Dvorský replying to questions about his latest commercial release, a three-page spotlight article on the development studio Broken Rules (And Yet it Moves).

Unity Launches Free Option (Gamasutra)
Unity CEO David Helgason talks about 'Unity Indie' renamed to just 'Unity' and going free, plus the announcement of upcoming Xbox 360 support.

Nigoro Talks La Mulana For WiiWare (Gamasutra)
Brandon Sheffield speaks to Naramura and Shoji Nakamura about the origin of Nigoro, game influences and their current project, La-Mulana.

Amanita Design Interview (Gaming Daily)
Jakub Dvorský answering a few questions about Amanita Design's recent release, Machinarium.

The Odd Gentlemen On Winterbottom Inspiration (Bitmob)
Matt Korba and Paul Bellezza sharing stories about pie, chicken, movies and P.B. Winterbottom.

And Yet it Moves to WiiWare (IGN)
Felix Bohatsch chats with IGN about developing And Yet it Moves for the WiiWare.

Getting to know.. Andres Bordeu (That VideoGame Blog)
An interview with the one of the co-founders of ACE Team (developer of Zeno Clash).

AureaSection Talk Naumachia (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
Lorenzo Pasini reveals new information about their upcoming indie space combat game, Naumachia.

Shank studio visit (Neoseeker)
Not really an interview, but there's plenty of new details about Klei Entertainment's beat-em-up project in this article.