After his recent retirement / migration to Flash, MDickie gradually has been releasing a lot of his old shareware games for free. Today he made four more of his old games freeware. To quote from his newsletter:

"The great game giveaway continues into the year of 2004, which saw a radical departure from wrestling projects. Popscene and Popcorn brought the managerial gameplay to two other entertainment industries, and were largely successful in doing so (although the original Popscene has now been rendered redundant by its polished remake). Meanwhile, Wrecked was my first stab at a sprawling adventure and sewed the seeds for Hard Time and The You Testament. It's crude by comparison but there are some interesting ideas at its heart. The quartet is completed by Sure Shot 3D, which I still stand by as one of my most innovative creations. Now that all of the above are free to play, they can be enjoyed by an even wider audience! Grab them now from the Downloads section..."

I haven't played all of those, but Wrecked (seen in the video above) has always been one of my favorites of his, even with that notorious "everyone just chaotically starts fighting with everyone for no reason" motif. Now you can download those four games and his older games for free, here.