Fatale, developed by Tale of Tales (The Path, The Graveyard), is an interactive first person representation of the story of Salome. Released on the 78th anniversary of the first performance in England of Oscar Wilde's theatrical "Salome", you'll most likely be unsurprised to read that 'it may appear somewhat unconventional to the seasoned gamer' according to the Tale of Tales site.

The official description is as follows:

'Salome is a first century Judean princess mentioned in the Christian Bible by Matthew and by Mark. But it is Oscar Wilde's 19th century play "Salome" that really inspired Fatale. In the Bible, Salome is a child who dances for King Herod and asks the head of John the Baptist as a reward. In Wilde's version, Salome falls in love with the prophet. He rejects her and she has him executed. The play ends with her kissing the lips of his decapitated head.

Most of Fatale takes place in the aftermath of this event, when all has turned quiet and the moon brings comfort to troubled hearts.'

I've not personally given it a playthrough yet, but it sounds like it follows the ToT formula of 'experimental play experience that stimulates the imagination'. Fatale is available to purchase from the ToT site for $7 and is available for both Windows and Mac.