A slew of videos and trailers in this weekend edition, as we take a look at Area 5's review of Eufloria, Canabalt and Mr. Bounce (quite a bit of swearing in this clip), a trailer for Vertigo Games' upcoming freeware release Kablooey (out on November 10th), a new Bytejacker episode and a gameplay trailer for Insignificant Studios' Merry Gear Solid 2.

Bytejacker Episode 060


Merry Gear Solid 2: Ghosts of Christmas Past

Sausage Factory by Pixeljam Games (playable now)

Chevy Ray's Skullpogo on the iPhone

Binary Zoo's Echoes, on Xbox Live Indie Games

Sheeps in Minecraft - it's like Powermonger all over again...

trailer for X-0ut's upcoming PC release, VertiGO

Alpha footage from Davioware's Epicopter

Prototype for what could be Dejobaan Games' next project, Musorqua