2D Boy have posted up the results of last week's 'Pay Whatever You Want For World of Goo' experiment and what they've found is pretty interesting, if not really that surprising.

Of the 57,000 sales of the game last week, the average price paid was $2.03, with the most popular choice of price being $0.01, would you believe (answer: yes you would). The harsh part of it all is that for every sale under 30cents, the cash went to Paypal and the 2D Boys didn't receive a penny - in fact, for all the 1cent sales, even Paypal lost out financially.

There's a ton of other detailed information over on their site regarding the likes of why purchasers chose the amount they did and what the effects of the sale were on Steam sales. The guys have also decided to extend the sale until October 25th, so if you STILL haven't grabbed a copy (but let's be honest, if you haven't yet, you're most likely a bit gaga) you've still got a few days.