Run Away!, as Jon puts it, is an 'on-rails platformer' in which you scramble over and under hedges, walls, gnomes, bananas and beehives to escape your pursuers who have decided to chase you for various reasons. Succeed and the love of Angry Girl may just be yours for the taking.

There are only 3 actions at your disposal - jump, roll and jump-roll. Hit an obstacle and you'll slow down, allowing your predator to close the gap. It's all incredibly silly and rather difficult too. There are only 5 levels in total, but if you get caught just once, you'll have to go all the way back to the start again.

An additional multiplayer mode could have been wonderful fun - running away is always more exciting with company - but still, this is great as a little something to rid that Sunday afternoon boredom. Run Away! is a mere 80 MS Points ($1) via the Xbox Live Marketplace.