The Company of Myself is a platformer which implements the game mechanic seen in the likes of Chronotron and Time Donkey. Our storyteller Jack must reach the door on each level by using past copies of himself as platforms (and later on, vice-versa).

Some of the puzzles are pretty fantastic and require a great deal of concentration and logic to figure them out. There are lever-pulling puzzles which appear to be inspired by Braid, force-fields which only your copies can walk through and many gaps to fall down. Towards the end of the game a few of the puzzles which involve precision timing are a little frustrating, but there's nothing too hair-wrenching.

The story is also nicely thought out and again appears to take a little inspiration from Jon Blow's masterpiece. All in all, a lovely afternoon distraction. Give it a go over at Newgrounds. Thanks to Chetyre and Ethan for the tip!