We Want YOU is a 'satirical, procedurally-generated war platformer' which simultaneously tells you 'War is Fun!' while throwing in news now and again of how many people have died and why you really shouldn't be enjoying yourself.

After being air-lifted in, it's your job to drop through the various areas, killing any threats and staying alive. There are some nice weapons to collect by pressing up to enter camps, and these can be fired using the X button and switched using A. If you get stuck you can plant C4 using C to destroy a block, while Z will make the little guy jump 'like a prissy little girl'.

There's not much to it other than that, but there are lots of nice touches. For example, the title screen and the end of game screen look nearly identical, apart from the fact that in the end of game screen you are, well, dead. Of course, as the game suggests, this isn't about who wins or loses - it's about being a hero, soldier!

Go give it a download.