Let's take a look at the latest interviews with indie game developers on the web. Highlights include: an interview with the development team for Devil's Tuning Fork, Frictional Games answering questions about their upcoming horror adventure game Amnesia, and Puzzle Bots designer Erin Robinson talking about her love for the adventure game genre.

Uncommon Assembly: The Mesmerizing World of Devil's Tuning Fork
DePaul Game Elites members speaking to UA about the process of creating their unusual 3D exploration game.

Adventure Gamers: Erin Robinson Interview - Puzzle Bots
"Erin spoke with AG about her path to success and what we can expect from her in future."

Linux Gaming News: Interview With Frictional Games - Amnesia
"Amnesia is more about the exploration and horror than Penumbra, and we have definitely concentrated on a game where the atmosphere is dense and trying to create an intriguing story. Much of the game is about finding out who you are and piece everything together to get the answers you seek."

Punch-Drunk in the Age of Information: Revisiting an Interview with Edmund McMillen
"McMillen makes games that deal with such occult themes as death and discovery. Now in his 30's with about ten years of experience under his belt, Edmund's work does not seem to have lost its edge one bit. We talked to him about what it means to be artistically independent."

Gamasutra Interview: Capy Talks Critter Crunch, Mobile Horrors
"Capy principals Nathan Vella and Kris Piotrowski spoke about high res 2D art, making games for people who actually care, and the horrors of mobile games -- including why mobile games mean death for indies."

Mateusz Skutnik: interview for Casual Girl Gamer
"Over the past few years, his output of games has been nothing short of phenomenal. His games are notable for their brilliant artwork, gripping storylines and imaginative reinventions of existing genres."

ArmorBlog: The name's Lavelle, Tony Lavelle
"An exciting interview with the creator of the Indestructo and Shift game series."

Interview: We chat with the co-creator of Dino D-Day
"Big Download got a chance to ask some questions to Digital Ranch Interactive's co-founder Abe Scheuermann to find out more about their plans for the game, his reaction to how well the mod release has been received and more."

Touch Arcade: Sword of Fargoal Interview
"Jeff McCord, Paul Pridham (who brought us Saucelifter) and Elias Pschernig interviewed about the imminent release of their classic dungeon-crawler remake."

FinalBoss interviews Q-Games' Dylan Cuthbert
"Now we are just finishing up PixelJunk Shooter which should be out in December in most territories. After that we will begin making PixelJunk 1-5 and PixelJunk 1-6, maybe even PixelJunk 2-1 which will be our venture into aesthetically pleasing 3D."

Tweeterview - Dylan Cuthbert talks to PS3 Attitude
A "tweeter interview" with the co-creator of the PixelJunk series. (source)