Let's take a look at the latest interviews with indie game developers on the web. Highlights include: Adam Saltsman revealing inside information about Canabalt, Hello Games' Sean Murray chatting about Joe Danger, Floex talks Machinarium, and Q Games' creators discussing the future direction of the PixelJunk series. (fanart source)

Interview with Adam Saltsman of Semi Secret Software (Touch! Tap! Slide!)
Get the scoop on Adam Atomic's best Canabalt run here.

Interview: EA, Criterion Vet Murray Forms Indie Hello Games, Talks Joe Danger (Gamasutra)
Sean Murray talks about their upcoming highly-anticipated bike racing game, something we've previewed quite a number of times on the site already.

Interview: Floex And The Music Of Machinarium (Gamasutra)
A fun interview with the music composer for Machinarium. The latter half of the article should be read while listening to the soundtrack.

Golgoth Studio Revamps Toki with Torque (GarageGames)
Introducing Golgoth Studios and their gorgeous Toki remake to the world.

Interview: Golgoth On Resurrecting Toki For Digital Download (GameSetWatch)
Similar set of questions posed, but you do get to learn more about the production of the remake.

Profile of a Game Developer: Conor O'Kane (GarageGames)
The developer of Harpooned speaks his mind on a variety of topics relating to game development.

An Interview With PixelJunk's Dylan Cuthbert (Gamasutra)
A rather dated interview about the PixelJunk series, recently reposted on Chris Bateman's blog.

Playstation Chat Special Interview: PixelJunk (Game Game POW)
A podcast chat with Duncan Flett of Q-Games, the other creator of the PixelJunk series. Find out how the company name was chosen, among other things. Audio format only.

Interview: Prometheus designer chats about latest UDK-based game (BigDownload)
Interesting read about the process of converting a UT3 mod into a stand alone game. (The Ball, Psyonix, Epic Games interview)

Chatting with Steven Peeler (Iron Tower Studio)
Vince D. Weller (Age of Decadence) interviewing a fellow developer Steven Peeler (Depths of Peril) about Soldak Entertainment's releases.

Borut Pfeifer: The Plush Apocalypse (A Hardy Developer's Journal)
Who is Borut Pfeifer? Perhaps this GameSetWatch article will shed some light on the matter...

Inteview: Meet Team Meat (Edge Magazine)
Had to post this last because even at full resolution the words are still difficult to make out. (part 2, part 3)