Pic on the left is taken from a new poster by Gary J Lucken (Army of Trolls), depicting Salford University and its surroundings. Here's another one with animation.

On with the links:

Why can't they play? Barrie Ellis
Developers really should consider making their games a lot more accessible. Simple things like an option to remap controls, subtitles, and a difficulty setting can only benefit more gamers.

Aztez Project - Call To Arms
Ben Ruiz of Flashbang Studios is seeking for a programmer familiar with Unity to help him develop a beat-em-up project.

3 Ways to Minimize Commercial Indie Game Piracy
Some suggestions on how to reduce the piracy rate of indie games.

Free Indie of the Week Master List
Links to every single game featured on Bytejacker's Free Indie of the Week. I love this show.

Is Modding Useful?
Rodain Joubert and co. do a great job of updating the South African development community about indie games on the Dev.Mag front page.

The origins of Minecraft
An interesting behind-the-scenes look at the events that lead to the birth of Minecraft.

36 of the best iPhone Games
I don't own an iPhone, but if I did I would probably get half the games on this list for my library.

In Defense of Price
An article about iPhone App pricing.

EG Expo 2009: Indie Games Arcade
Another write-up about the recent Indie Games Arcade showcase on the Eurogamer site.

Big Fish - Little Pond
Russell Carroll probably knows about the casual game market better than anyone else, being the Game Director of Reflexive Entertainment.

Transdimensional Hellspider
I'm a big fan of Linley's works, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that I'm eagerly anticipating his latest.

Official Zero Gear Trailer and Beta Signups
Nimblebit's offering beta keys for their upcoming 3D multiplayer racing game, so do grab one for yourself before they're all gone.