Not hard to guess the theme for today. An opinion piece about which games are indie and which games aren't, first look at a boss design for Super Meat Boy (plus previews), Time Fcuk postmortem, and some links which have nothing to do with our good friend Edmund.

Here goes:

DIYgamer: 3 Indie Games That Aren't All That Indie
"I'm in no way bashing or disrespecting these games. While I have yet to play Axel and Pixel, I can honestly say I loved both Braid and Castle Crashers. So please keep this in mind..."

GamesRadar: Super Meat Boy - first look
"Titles that absolutely describe their game are a dying breed. What is there that 'Super Meat Boy' doesn't tell you? He's made of meat, he's super, and he's a he. What else do you want?"

Bytejacker Episode 064: Side of Beef - Super Meat Boy Hands-On
"We had the chance to play an early build of Super Meat Boy. How is it? Fcuking delicious. We've got all the juicy details, lightly seasoned and pan-seared. Meat analogies."

Game Jolt: Meat Boy Mini
"Meat Boy Mini is a fangame of Edmund Mcmillen and Jon McEntee's game Meat Boy, in lo res graphics (almost all the graphics are in 2x2 pixels)."

GameSetWatch: Team Meat Shares Super Meat Boy Boss, Danny B Music
"Developer Team Meat fashioned a boss that preys on that weakness to moving blades: Lil Slugger, a chainsaw mech with legs, controlled by Meat Boy's arch-enemy Dr. Fetus. The studio also debuted an equally devious music track to accompany the Forest boss, composed by Danny Baranowsky (Canabalt)."

Nintendo Life: First Impressions - Super Meat Boy
"No platformer fan in general should miss this unique title when it hits the Steam and WiiWare services next year."

Edmund's Dev Blog: Time Fcuk (update/postmortum)
"So its been almost 2 months since Time Fcuk was released and since then its been played over 3.5 million times 1million of those being from There have also been a startlingly huge amount of levels submitted closing in on 7k."

Tower Defense Wiki
In Japanese only, but they did a great job of linking to most of the noteworthy tower defense games out there.

xii games: Oh, so THAT's what Linus Bruckman Saw
"I wanted to give people who didn't complete the game the chance to see the ending, and I think after three years it's ok to do that."