Today's pic is the poster for Locomalito's upcoming horizontal shooter, Hydorah. Here's hoping it lives up to all expectations.

On with the links:

Top 10 Break Out Indie Games of 2010
"Indie Games don't get a lot of media attention." Yep. Great site too.

2Bee Games Second Indie Game Competition Finalists
Here are your finalists from the 2Bee Games' latest indie game competition. Unfortunately to download any of the games you will have to sign up. (GamerBytes write-up)

And the winner is...
JayisGames' Casual Gameplay Design Competition winner announced. No prize for guessing which entry was selected as the big winner.

The Making of the Dance of the Seven Veils
A look at the production process for the dance scene in Tale of Tales' Fatale. (Emily Short's analysis)

It's a fact, the next theme is: ART GAME
The much-maligned subject was chosen as the theme for this month's experimental gameplay friendly competition. Made anything noteworthy yet?

Indiecade 2009
Daniel Benmergui's write-up of the Indiecade event in LA. And photos.

Eurogamer Expo: A brief summary
I'm still envious of Michael for being the only editor able to attend this shindig.

Walker & Silhouette
Pacian's new IF game is headed your way soon.

Armalyte PC - Later levels revealed
A couple of new Giger-ish screenshots from the officially-sanctioned remake of Armalyte.

Connotations aside, X-0ut (Prototype, Gravitron series) has indicated that his new marble game will be out sometime next month.

Flipt: coming soon
Dev.Mag with a preview video of a new iPhone game from InstantAction, out in two weeks.

Muse Games: Guns Of Icarus
An amazing airship battle game set around a steampunk theme. Made with Unity, and playable in any browser of your choice. You really should give this a try.