Today's collection of independent game links include a couple of promotional items for Tale of Tales' releases, an article about making games easier for your players, and a game that was partly inspired by Jason Rohrer's Passage.

MoonPod Games: Pirate Princess
Our friends over at Moonpod (Mr. Robot, Starscape) seems to have a new word game out.

The Bottom Feeder: Make Your Game Easy.
"I'm a hardcore nerd of the old school, and I'm not truly satisfied unless a game is really difficult. Other people do not, in fact, want this."

The Poppenkast Forum: Things I Never Did
"It's an attempt to convey my feelings and fears about aging. It's inspired in a lot of ways by Passage, I'll admit, but I think I covered the topic from a different angle. It'll last about 2 minutes."

Tale of Tales: The TEF Fan Art Calendar for 2010 is here
"The Endless Forest deviantART fan club (lead by Jen Stuber) has made a Calendar filled with beautiful artwork from players who love the game. All cash raised goes directly to help to fund the future of The Endless Forest." Also notable: The Endless Forest 3.30 released with new feature 'De Drinkplaats'.

A Hardy Developer's Journal: Design Taught in Pitfalls No. 2 - Taking The Plunge
"There are probably a million things running through my head when I sit down to create those first few resources for a game. However, before we jump in and work on that really cool thing, it's best to have a quick analysis of what is the most important thing to focus on first."

Conspiracy Entertainment: Doctor Fizzwizzle's Animal Rescue Wii
2007 IGF finalist Fizzball has been converted to the Wii by a third party developer, Replay Games.

The Path - .pl Collector's Edition
"This PC version of The Path (playable in Polish or English) was produced by Topware Poland with extras provided personally by Tale of Tales."