Today's pic is the cover image for Bit Blot's Aquaria two-disc soundtrack, drawn by Katie de Sousa (artist for Infinite Ammo's upcoming project Marian). Danny Baranowsky posted his remixed track from the album on the OCR site as a free MP3 download too.

On with the links:

Nifflas' Saira Release date set
A new commercial game from the creator of the Knytt series will be released on December 12th, 2009. Saira is for Windows only, and will cost around $15.

Canabalt Portable
A free offline version of Canabalt to download and play. Windows build only.

Unity3D Intro Tutorial
It does go on a bit, but Alec did a great job of showing how easy it is to start using the Unity3D game engine here.

Aquaria - Original Soundtrack
The soundtrack to Bit Blot's debut commercial release is now available for purchase.

JNK x 15 - 15 Fantastic Tip Top JNK Games
Fifteen of the best weekly games created by James, all collected into a handy zip file.

Braid is now available on the PlayStation Network
Probably not out in some territories yet, but if you're waiting for the PSN version then keep an eye on this one. And the new video walkthrough is a great watch if you haven't seen it.

Making Games Faster
A write-up of Flashbang Studios' presentation at the Unite 2009 conference in San Francisco recently.

Grappling Hook Now Only $14.95
The price of Speed Run Games' Grappling Hook has been reduced to $15 (originally $23).

Postmortem: Wadjet Eye's The Blackwell Convergence
An interesting analysis about the Blackwell series, written by the creator himself.

Procedural Content Generation Wiki
There's a lot of information about procedural content generation here, and the page even has a list of PCG games just for gamers. Thanks to Kenta Cho for this one.

Mystic Mine online version
You can now play Mystic Mine on Newgrounds.

PlayStation Minis: The Story So Far
A run down of minis available on the Playstation Store, which includes Brainpipe and Breakquest ports.

TUNING IGF 2010 Trailer
He's posted some screenshots from other ongoing projects here, here, and here as well.

Exclusive Look at 'Sword of Fargoal': Remake of an 80's Classic
They're doing a contest with a cash prize of $500 for the launch too.