If you have yet to play Squid Yes! Not So Octopus or its sequel Squid Harder, then you are clearly immune to games with silly names. If a game has a ridiculous name then I, for one, feel compelled to play it. Sometimes I regret this decision, and other times, like in the case of SYNSO, I am very glad I did.

An arena shooter, your job is pelt your squidy friend around the screen and survive for as long as possible, blowing the bad guys away in a constant stream of incredible flashing colours and bright lights in the process. SYNSO360 is a buffed-up port of the original game for the Xbox Live Indie Games service. It's no secret that Rob is a huge fan of making his games highly accessible for anyone to play, and this is reflected in all the different options you can mess around with - auto-fire, one-switch mode etc.

Costing but a mere 80 MS Points ($1), if you're a fan of the SYNSO series or just like arena shooters in general, this is essential Xbox-ware. There is of course a timed trial version available for those who'd like to make sure it's an experience they'd appreciate first.