Picked this one up from TIGSource and it's ruddy brilliant. Created by a team from DigiPen and entered into both the main IGF competition and the student contest, Igneous is the story of one tiki totem's frantic rush through an erupting volcano and it's quite literally a face-melter.

Be warned before you try this - if you don't have at least a fairly decent computer, you're not coming in. The game requirements specify 'High end NVidia Graphics Card (9600) or high end ATI Graphics Card and Intel Core 2 Duo Processor'. If you've got the goods, however, you should definitely give this a go. Each of the 3 levels consists of rolling at high speeds away from the deadly lava flow, which is constantly throwing balls of molten death and destruction in your direction, destroying platforms and pathways. Think fast or you'll end up in the drink.

It's a pretty short experience with around 15 minutes of play, but there is also Impossible mode which does what it says on the tin. Honestly, you won't have felt a rush like this is a good long while and that final level is incredibly epic. Make sure you give this a download.