Look out Canabalt, you've got a contender for 'Most Awesome One-Button Game of the Year'. Created for the Gamejolt Minimal Contest, Saut is a dark platformer in which you need to tactically time your jumps so as not to end up down one of the many pits - using only one button, of course. Oh, and it's amazing fun.

Graphically it reminded me a lot of Boss Baddie's Lunnye Devitsy - there's a lovely atmosphere about it all, especially helped along by the great soundtrack. My advice would be to only watch the first 30 seconds of the above video to get a feel for what Saut is about, then give it a try. Ortoslon created the above playthrough, and he is stupidly good at it.

Downloadable from Gamejolt, where you can also 'Quick Play' the game too straight from the browser.