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Archive For December, 2009

Freeware Game Pick: Merry Gear Solid 2 (Arthur Lee)

December 27, 2009 12:58 AM | Tim W.

Merry Gear Solid 2: Ghost of Christmas Past is a fan-made tribute to a popular series of stealth espionage games, created by a developer who has a clear understanding and respect for canon material. Many of the tools used on the field have been renamed and redesigned with the Christmas theme in mind, but the way these equipment are handled will feel very similar to their original counterparts.

Arthur has written the storyline to be as convoluted as possible, and cutscenes do go on quite a bit, although the only real issue with the game is that about a quarter of it involves backtracking through rooms you've visited earlier in the mission. (Windows, 77.9MB)

Indie Game Links: Whip It Good

December 26, 2009 10:42 PM | Tim W.

Today's collection of independent game links include the release of Spelunky version 1.1, DIYGamer's top indie game picks for 2009, and Big Download's indie game recommendations for the holiday season.

Spelunky World: Version 1.1, Source Code Released
"This release has a lot of bug-fixes in it. It also adds some extended stat-tracking. Things are going very well with Xbox 360 development - I'm really enjoying working on this platform and I'm excited about what you guys will think."

DIYgamer: Best of 2009 - Editors' Top Picks
"As the year winds down and news comes to a crawl as people head off for the holidays, we’d like to share what we found to be the best, most innovative, most interesting and all around entertaining indie games that came out this year."

Big Download: 15 Indie Games for the 2009 Holidays
"We have 15 indie games that we think you or someone you love will absolutely adore this holiday season, and most of them run around or under a $20 price tag."

Big Download: Best Indie Games of 2009
"If you're looking for some excellent indie games to get yourself started on the treasure trove that was 2009, look no further than these games right here."

Gnome's Lair: A Featherweight Postmortem
"Some time ago I released a short game called Featherweight. The effort I put into the graphics, story and interface went above anything I'd ever tried to put into a game before – and yet... I can't help but feeling that through all of this I lost sight of the main purpose of a game."

La-Mulana: Implementation of Hints
"La-Mulana was praised by many players, but on the other hand, there was voice that it was quite vicious. One of the reasons, I believe, is that there weren't enough explanations."

Play This Thing: Platonic Archetypes of Dice
"This is a game with meaning attached, but if you like rolling dice you'll have fun. Therein lies the message, but I'm getting ahead of myself."

Browser Game Pick: Slot Machine RPG (Sparky)

December 26, 2009 9:35 PM | Tim W.

Slot Machine RPG is a turn-based game with role-playing elements, created using resources from TIGSource's Assemblee competition. You play as an explorer who is searching for the Crystal of Ix, but at every turn of the corner a trap or an enemy encounter could be waiting for you to step into the room. Health lost during skirmishes can be replenished by eating mushrooms with the action key, and you have three slots in which to store spells that could be used on your enemies as well.

The game is currently still in development, but a demo build of it (featuring five levels) is available to play at Vacuum Flowers.

Interviews: Team Meat, Charlie's Games and More

December 26, 2009 8:11 PM | Tim W.

Let's take a look at the latest interviews with indie game developers on the web. Highlights include: a podcast chat with the developers of Super Meat Boy, interviews with the creators of Fatale and The Graveyard, plus Charlie Knight talks Space Phallus and Irukandji. (image source)

Level 42: The Talk Is Cheap
"This week, Michael, Erika and Nick are joined by Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, the creators of Meat Boy and the soon to be released Super Meat Boy." Audio only.

Bitmob: Interview with Cave Developer Peter Lu
"Cave is a simple 2D game where you play as both a boy and a girl and explore a dark cave. Although the game is short, it packs in a lot of questions and is easily one of the most intriguing games I've played in quite a long time. I decided to ask some of those questions to Peter Lu, the developer of Cave."

DIYgamer: The Man Behind the Gnome... Emberwind Erik Möller Interview
"Erik Möller was nice enough to sit down and go over some of the questions that we had about Emberwind, like why the game's not available on Steam and whether or not we’ll ever see an XBLIG/WiiWare version." ESG Interviews Charlie's Games
"ESG had the pleasure speaking to one of our favorite indie game developers Charlie Knight of Charlie’s Games. Throughout the interview we will learn about the history of Charlie's Games and see what lies ahead in the future."

Hydorah Demo Released

December 24, 2009 5:56 PM | Tim W.

A single level demo for Locomalito's new project Hydorah is now out and available for download. Note that the game isn't designed for novices, since there is no checkpoint system, difficulty setting or an option to continue included in this preview build. Windows only.

XBL Indie Game Pick: Felix Fox: Tale of the Night (Wendell Preston)

December 24, 2009 3:26 PM | Michael Rose

The Adventures of Felix Fox: Tale of the Night is an action game recently released via Xbox Live Indie Games. Players take control of Felix, a fox who lives in the seemingly peaceful forests of Evergreen. However, venturing around reveals that this isn't the case at all, with other animals ready to pounce... and take a beating from Felix's superior fighting skills!

It's a good old button-basher, with Felix using a combination of buttons to lay down some punches, kicks and special moves. He also has some serious skills, like wall kicking to reach higher areas. The main campaign is what you'd expect - judo-chopping your way through hordes of baddies - and there's even a mode to allow your friends to spawn as the bad guys and attempt to stop your progress!

And that's only half of the game. There's also the battle mode, which allows up to 4 player (or 8 player online!) romps against each other over a range of arenas, with all the mode types a fighter would usually feature. Battle Royale or Team Play anyone?

At 240 MS Points ($3), this is XBLIGaming that you must at least try. Grab it from the Xbox Live Marketplace, or try the demo first.

Browser Game Pick: Santa Fu (I-Mockery)

December 24, 2009 10:55 AM | Tim W.

Santa Fu is a holiday-themed remake of Kung Fu Master, where players take on the role of St. Nick who is on a quest to spread festive joy by beating up elves, reindeers and gingerbread men. There are five levels to play and two hidden characters to unlock, although both of them have the same set of moves as Santa Claus and differ only in appearances.

The responsiveness of the controls can be a bit dodgy at times, but to counter this problem the developers have also made the game available as a free download from their site.

Freeware Game Pick: Genetos (Tatsuya Koyama)

December 23, 2009 10:01 PM | Tim W.

Genetos is a vertical shooter that pays tribute to many classic and modern day shoot 'em ups, where the enemies and weapons evolve as you progress from one stage to another. The game offers plenty of configuration settings that cater to players of all skill levels, although some of the advanced features like invincibility and the boss rush mode are only available after you've beaten the entire game at least once.

The type of weapons that you unlock is determined by your style of play as well, and a history of your completed achievements are accessible via the history option at the main menu. (Windows, 26.9MB)

Freeware Game Pick: Transdimensional Hellspider (Linley)

December 23, 2009 8:56 PM | Tim W.

Transdimensional Hellspider is an procedurally-generated arena shooter in which the evolution of every new boss is based on how the previous one is defeated. There are six ships to choose from for the mission, with their only differences being the special weapon that can only be fired after a short charging period. Players are also awarded a weapon upgrade for every three bosses defeated.

It is recommended that the at least one of the spider's parts is destroyed first before you target their core, since the next boss will be much stronger if you go in for the kill quickly. (Windows, 2.88MB)

Steam Christmas Indie Sale + More Christmas Deals!

December 23, 2009 11:21 AM | Michael Rose


Running until January 3rd, there is a MASSIVE sale on Steam, with games ranging from 10% off to a ridiculous 80% off. Of course, the part of the store we're interested in is the Indie section, and it does not disappoint! There are some incredible deals in there to grab. I've picked out a bunch which I believe are essential purchases (unless you already own them, of course!) and they go as follows:

Defense Grid: The Awakening $2.49
Braid $2.49
Trine $7.99
Audiosurf $2.50
Eufloria $9.99
Crayon Physics Deluxe $9.99
Time Gentlemen, Please! $2.49
Osmos $4.99
Cogs $4.99
AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! $7.49

These are my must-have picks - check out the Steam store for even more amazing indie deals.

In addition to the Steam sale, here's a bunch of other deals worth sticking your nose in:

And Yet It Moves 50% off
Immortal Defense Pay-Whatever-You-Want Sale
Tale of Tales sale
Irukandji and Bullet Candy Perfect for $1
Aquaria 50% off
Grappling Hook 25% off (with coupon code BMWS000H3)

Go forth and spend your Christmas monies!

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