xmas.JPGA number of sites have started up indie gaming advent calendars to count down to Christmas, so I thought I'd do a little round-up so you can follow them yourselves. Of course, if there are any you know of which I have missed, give me a shout!

Mr. Indie Santa Juuso (if that IS his real name) is counting down to Christmas by focusing on a newly released indie title every day, with videos and links to each.

Those RPS guys have got their own 'Advent Game-O-Calendar 2009' going, and while you can assume it won't be completely indie filled, you can also assume there will be at least some indie-filling (especially since the first two doors have revealed discussion on Zeno Clash and Canabalt).

Kirk Israel of KirkJerk.com is creating a whole advent calendar full of tiny, Christmas-related Java games/toys. Lots of lovely things are bound to appear over the coming month.