Today's collection of independent game links include a write-up by IndieGames editor Mike Rose about marketing your indie games properly, two articles about iPhone development and pricing, plus an insight about using Kickstarter to fund the development of your indie game. (image source)

Gamasutra: Michael Rose's Blog - The Idiot's Guide to Marketing Your Indie Game
"The misconception that gaming sites won't want to cover your game because it's 'not important enough' is slowly being lifted, and independent developers in general are beginning to realize that PR is actually a huge factor in selling your product. This, however, doesn't mean that developers are marketing their games correctly. In this guide, I'll be explaining exactly what it is you, the budding games developer, should be providing me, the eager games journalist, with."

Gamasutra: Pondering Indie Spirit, Derek Yu Speaks
"I'm in the process of doing graphics (for the XBLA version of Spelunky). I'm going for much more of a painterly look. Kind of like the work that I did for Aquaria. It's going to be kind of cartoony and comical, but... In terms of 2D games, I'm still a big fan of the painted look." Check out the comments too.

Kotaku: The Swapper, My Favorite Indie Fest Entry So Far
"I have for a number of years now been fortunate enough to help judge entries for the annual Independent Games Festival, and each year I come across at least one game that I fall deeply in love with. This year that game is The Swapper."

Gamasutra: Everything You Need To Know About iPhone Development
"This article covers the overall process of developing an iPhone game from start to App Store and beyond. The goal is to separate facts from myths and give developers an accurate idea of what to expect."

Gamasutra: Adam Saltsman's Blog - The 0.99 Problem
"I work at an iPhone game studio that I founded with my friend Eric last year. We've made just two iPhone games, both have been financially successful, and both were self-published without a marketing budget. Both games made the EDGE Magazine top 50 iPhone games list, and both games are original IP. I am going to explain why we don't sell our games for a dollar in the hopes that it might add something interesting to the iPhone game pricing debate."

Gamasutra: Borut Pfeifer's Blog - Kickstarting a Serious Game
"I thought I would get the perspectives of more indie developers who've used Kickstarter or patron-based funding successfully. Daniel Benmergui uses donations to help support the development of his games, such as Today I Die and I Wish I Were the Moon. Vince Twelve put his retro-style adventure game Resonance up on Kickstarter to pay the $95 IGF entry fee, and then proceeded to raise over $2,000."