Today's collection of independent game links include Edmund's 2009 Flash game picks, Jens Bergensten's IGF 2010 picks, Planet Freeplay's Underrated Indie Games series, and screenshots from Jason Rohrer's upcoming DS game. (image source)

Edmund's Dev Blog: Top 10 Flash games of 2009
"This years Flash gaming summit nominations are up. I highly recommend you fill this list with Flash games that are good, so here's a list of my favorite Flash games of 2009."

Oxeye Game Studio: My IGF Picks
"I have had the privilege to take part of the Independent Games Festival as a judge this year, so I thought that I should post my picks for IGF."

A Hardy Developer's Journal: Design Taught in Pitfalls No. 3 - The Long Haul
"The honeymoon is over, the initial glory of your incredible idea has worn off and you're left looking at your ‘to do’ list which seems to have no end. There are a few things that you can try, however, and they might just help."

Erik Svedäng: Finally! Blueberry Garden 1.1
"At last I have finished the first patch of the game. If you still feel a bit reluctant to buy the game, there's a demo version you can try first (Steam not required)." Indie Vault
"Mark Carr's Independent Games Video Series is a series dedicated to indie games and developers. The latest video promoted on ScrewAttack is about Sonny 2. There are also videos on Arkedo Series 01: Jump! and I Made A Game with Zombies In It."

Planet Freeplay: Underrated Indie Games
"A Youtube gallery consisting of videos of obscure indie games that haven't had much coverage in the indie gaming community - indie games that haven't really been brought to light over the years, which I think are worth playing."

Diamond Trust of London
Screenshots of Jason Rohrer's two-player strategy game about diamond trading in Angola, on the eve of the passage of the Kimberly Process. To be published by Majesco for the Nintendo DS platform in 2010.