Today's collection of independent game links include a couple of holiday bargains, indie game recommendations for the long vacation, and an inside look at Flashbang Studios' new commercial project.

The Boing Boing 20, pt. 2: the best indie and iPhone games of 2009
"The best web, PC, Mac, and iPhone games -- freeware, commercial, and uniquely otherwise -- that sprang from the best of the indie community this year."

Amanita Design: Amanita Design Christmas Pack
"Our Christmas Sale starts Dec 17th and ends Dec 25th, in that period you can buy the bundle with Machinarium and Samorost2 only for $10 which is 60% discount from it's regular price ($25)."

Gamasutra: IP Enforcement For Independent Developers
"Attorney Mona Ibrahim explains what indie game developers should know about protecting their game's intellectual property, both during the course of development and after it's released."

Flashbang Studios: Raptor Safari 64 First Look
"Most of our energy is being spent on the next version of the game, Raptor Safari 64. This new version will ultimately be a thing of perfect HD beauty. Right now we're planning a late 2010 release."

DIYgamer: Give the Gift of Indie Games This Year
"With Christmas just about on top of us, there's probably still a lot of shopping to do in between now and then and, while you may be struggling with some of your game-loving friends, we've got your back as we introduce you to our favorite picks for this year's Christmas."

Jim McGinley's Blog: Machinarium makes claymation look efficient
"Jakub casually mentioned the game's revolutionary design: 'You can only interact with items you can reach'. Simple. Elegant. Wish I had thought of it."

Vertigo Games: Liquisity 2 - Let’s Kickstart This Project
"Liquisity was released as a freeware game back in 2005, where you guided a ball to the goal in the deep ocean depths. It was a small little game that was quite popular, and was one I always wanted to go back to and make a sequel."