Today's collection of independent game links include the release of a new game from Gregory Weir (I Fell in Love With The Majesty of Colors), a look at the development process of Dejobaan Games' Aaaaa!, and some news about the status of D-pad Studio's Owlboy.

Ludus Novus: Backup Released
"Heavily inspired by Gun Mute, Backup is a (potentially) violent piece of interactive fiction with multiple endings set in a science fiction world of robots, plasma swords, and intergalactic finance."

pixelate: The Black Forest
"The Black Forest is a series of tiny, experimental games to be released online this December. The first episode is now playable, and the other three episodes will be released this month, one on every Sunday."

Mod DB: Half a Million Seconds with an Indie Developer, Dejobaan Games
"My name is Ichiro Lambe, and I'm the President of Dejobaan Games, LLC. I'm going to tell you a bit about the life of our studio during the development of our 13th title, AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity (Aaaaa! for short)."

YoYo Games Glog: Mac Version of Game Maker Delayed Indefinitely
"Sorry to bring bad news, but our Mac Developer has resigned with immediate effect. There are still too many bugs, so until we know how and when we can complete the project, we’ve taken the painful decision to temporarily suspend our plans to produce a Mac version of Game Maker."

Kokoromi Collective: Clarified Gamma 4 Rules
"Clarified Gamma 4 rules and a FAQ, now live." One Switch Help
"The Gamma 4 competition seeks to encourage unique one-button game experiences. This has the potential to be a fantastic thing for those who normally use a single button, or accessibility switch, to play games. For curious coders and game designers interested this far..."

Gamasutra: One Button Games
"In this article, one button is the limitation on interaction. By the end of this, it should be apparent just how many applications there are for such a basic interaction."

D-pad Studio: IGF and a few other things
"Naturally, I really want to see Owlboy completed. Without a programmer present, this game isn't going anywhere though. I've finally found someone that might help out but who knows how long it will take before some actual work can be done."