Today's collection of independent game links include a list of common problems that most horror games exhibit (prepared by the developer of the Penumbra series), an article about everyone's indie hero cactus, and the announcement of a freeware game by Mark Pay (The Spirit Engine) due to be released this Christmas. (image source: Daphny)

Frictional Games: Why Horror Games Suck
"To be fair I do not think that all horror games suck, but there are some common problems that pretty much all the games have. These issues hold horror games back from using the medium's full potential."

Boing Boing: an intro to the indie game mind warps of Jonatan Söderström
"With just a handful of years under his game development belt, 24 year old Jonatan Söderström -- better known by his handle Cactus -- has already become something of a cult legend in indie circles, particularly for his relentless, near-manic prolificness."

Cliffski's Blog: Expansion pack underway
"The way I see it, expansion packs are about giving people options. Why release a game at a high price that puts some people off when you can release the core game at a lower price and let people choose if they want to have extra content?"

I am an Aspiring Game Designer: Sonar
"Sonar is about the visualization of sound to create a unique and engaging experience. Eric Spoerner and Waylon Fong made Sonar as a student project at USC Interactive Media in 2006 using Torque2D, and recently entered it into the Indie Game Challenge." Frustrated? Yes, yes I am
"It's time for a rant about the continued lack of a solid release date for Wii Cave Story. And other related stuff, like Saira, Nifflas' promising new game."

Capt. Forever strategy and tactics
Having trouble getting into Captain Forever? This strategy guide might help.

The Spirit Engine 2: 8 months later...
"TSE-2 is now down to $10 in price. I have a little tactics game which I was working on earlier in the year, and I'm fixing it up for a freeware release with a limited skirmish mode for Christmas."