Today's collection of independent game links include the release of Spelunky version 1.1, DIYGamer's top indie game picks for 2009, and Big Download's indie game recommendations for the holiday season.

Spelunky World: Version 1.1, Source Code Released
"This release has a lot of bug-fixes in it. It also adds some extended stat-tracking. Things are going very well with Xbox 360 development - I'm really enjoying working on this platform and I'm excited about what you guys will think."

DIYgamer: Best of 2009 - Editors' Top Picks
"As the year winds down and news comes to a crawl as people head off for the holidays, we’d like to share what we found to be the best, most innovative, most interesting and all around entertaining indie games that came out this year."

Big Download: 15 Indie Games for the 2009 Holidays
"We have 15 indie games that we think you or someone you love will absolutely adore this holiday season, and most of them run around or under a $20 price tag."

Big Download: Best Indie Games of 2009
"If you're looking for some excellent indie games to get yourself started on the treasure trove that was 2009, look no further than these games right here."

Gnome's Lair: A Featherweight Postmortem
"Some time ago I released a short game called Featherweight. The effort I put into the graphics, story and interface went above anything I'd ever tried to put into a game before – and yet... I can't help but feeling that through all of this I lost sight of the main purpose of a game."

La-Mulana: Implementation of Hints
"La-Mulana was praised by many players, but on the other hand, there was voice that it was quite vicious. One of the reasons, I believe, is that there weren't enough explanations."

Play This Thing: Platonic Archetypes of Dice
"This is a game with meaning attached, but if you like rolling dice you'll have fun. Therein lies the message, but I'm getting ahead of myself."