Let's take a look at the latest interviews with indie game developers on the web. Highlights include: Mark Morris talks about past and present Introversion projects, a chat with Machinarium creator Jakub Dvorský, and a recorded conversation with David Hellman about Braid-related subjects. (image source)

Gamezebo: Erin Robinson talks Puzzle Bots
"Erin chats with Gamezebo about her upcoming project Puzzle Bots, and what life is like as a full-time indie developer."

Bytejacker: Erin Robinson Interview
"An interview with Erin on making her first commercial title, how best to handle hint systems in adventure games, and whether or not she is a liar."

Alternative Magazine Online: In Conversation With Jakub Dvorský
"Featuring exclusive artwork and insight into the creation of Machinarium, Alternative Magazine Online is proud to present an interview with the man behind it all, Jakub Dvorský."

indievision: Mark Morris of Introversion
"I think marketing for the indie has now got more sophisticated than it used to be as you can't just rest on your heels and send out a few press releases. They need to be working on all these areas: talking to magazines, talking to websites, checking Google analytics, make sure the company is selling from own site, make sure that Steam is in place; managing campaigns..."

The Claw: Paul Eres
"The Claw has been fortunate enough to interview Paul Eres, designer and coder of one of the best Tower Defense games out there, Immortal Defense. We get to chat about the future and his upcoming 2d adventure game Saturated Dreamers."

Big Download Interview: We chat with Exor Studios about Zombie Driver
"Big Download got a chance to ask some questions to Exor Studios' Pawel Lekki about the formation of the developer and some more info on the game itself which is scheduled to be released via download sites next week."

ArmorBlog: The Con behind the Artist
"An interview with the creator of The Last Stand flash game series, Chris Condon."

GameMaker Blog: Interview with Game Maker 8 Logo Creator
"Caught in the middle of YoYo Games' decision and the abuse thrown by some towards the design is the logo's creator, Albert Zak. We spoke with Albert to get some background on his design and his thoughts on the communities reaction to it."

Critical Hit: David Hellman Interview
"An interview about Braid and indie game development. Later on Critical Hit asked David about his career path from art school through Braid and beyond." Audio only.