Let's take a look at the latest interviews with indie game developers on the web. Highlights include: a podcast chat with the developers of Super Meat Boy, interviews with the creators of Fatale and The Graveyard, plus Charlie Knight talks Space Phallus and Irukandji. (image source)

Level 42: The Talk Is Cheap
"This week, Michael, Erika and Nick are joined by Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, the creators of Meat Boy and the soon to be released Super Meat Boy." Audio only.

Bitmob: Interview with Cave Developer Peter Lu
"Cave is a simple 2D game where you play as both a boy and a girl and explore a dark cave. Although the game is short, it packs in a lot of questions and is easily one of the most intriguing games I've played in quite a long time. I decided to ask some of those questions to Peter Lu, the developer of Cave."

DIYgamer: The Man Behind the Gnome... Emberwind Erik Möller Interview
"Erik Möller was nice enough to sit down and go over some of the questions that we had about Emberwind, like why the game's not available on Steam and whether or not we’ll ever see an XBLIG/WiiWare version."

EmpireStateGamer.com: ESG Interviews Charlie's Games
"ESG had the pleasure speaking to one of our favorite indie game developers Charlie Knight of Charlie’s Games. Throughout the interview we will learn about the history of Charlie's Games and see what lies ahead in the future."

EmpireStateGamer.com: ESG Interviews Golgoth Studio Part 1
"Currently Golgoth is working on a remake to the arcade classic Toki which was originally released back in 1989. Throughout the interview we will get the details on the development of this classic revival as well as get the info on their second project to follow the Toki remake, Caveman Ninja: Joe & Mac." (part 2)

Digital Spy: Anthony De Sa Ferreira
"We talk to business development director Anthony De Sa Ferreira about the Golgoth Studio, how it acquired its licences and other remakes such as Joe & Mac."

Core Gamers: The Making of FATALE
"CoreGamers went out in search for edifying production details, from the earliest inspirations to the technical challenges faced by Michaël Samyn and Auriea Harvey, in an attempt to deepen the reader's perception of this experimental and innovative format that supports FATALE."

Play as Life: Interview with Tale of Tales
"It (The Graveyard) blows your mind because it is so different from your traditional game - there is no obvious “goal” and no such thing as winning or losing. There is so much more room for interpretation, so much more room for imagination."

Elder-Geek: Interview With Tale of Tales
"Recently Elder-Geek.com had the golden opportunity to ask Michaël Samyn and Auriea Harvey of Tale of Tales some questions about their current projects and the industry at large."

Reclaim your Game: Interview with Threads of Reality developer
"I have had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing an up and coming game developer, Dan Silber of Interstellar Tortoise. Dan is a funny and artistic person who is developing an innovative new game, Threads of Reality."

Touch Arcade: 'Sword of Fargoal' Interview
"I had the opportunity to interview Jeff along with his partners in crime on this project, Paul Pridham (who brought us Saucelifter) and Elias Pschernig, about their imminent release."

Gamasutra: Twisted Pixel Talk Splosion Man
"Twisted Pixel co-founder Josh Bear and freelance composer Joshua Mosley talked to Gamasutra about their collaboration, which resulted in the soundtrack for recent XBLA hit Splosion Man, from inspiration to production."

Play as Life: Super Shigi Unveils “Musical” RPG, Melolune
"Game music composer Laura Shigihara (supershigi) caused a delightful ripple in the game community with her soundtrack for Pop Cap's game, Plants vs. Zombies. Laura was kind enough to talk about her game (Melolune) over the phone on her new experience as a designer."

KwikLook Blog: Interview With David Scatliffe
"David Scatliffe is a fairly well-known GM developer, having been in the indie spotlight on numerous occasions, including cactus' play through of his game, Up a Lazy Ocean, at the GDC."