It's no secret that both myself and Tim have a thing for Markus Persson's Minecraft - in fact we gave it an honourable mention in our Top 10 Indie Games of the Year. So it's pretty exciting to hear that Hayden Scott-Baron aka Dock, artist on Lost Winds for the Wii and developer of the awesome Tumbledrop, is the new artist for Minecraft.

Judging by the concept sketch featured on Markus' blog, it looks like Dock is planning on putting a playful spin on the original, more blocky graphical style. It will definitely be interesting to see where he takes it. Of course while many will be happy with the change, there will be others who grew quite fond of the original, more retro-style looks, so Markus makes the point that those who purchase the game while it's still in the alpha stages will be able to revert back to the classic model and skin.