Via RockPaperShotgun, a trailer for Ludosity's upcoming puzzler Bob Came in Pieces was recently released. The game is due to land on 21st December and is really rather good fun. I've been meaning to write about it, so now is as good a time as any!

There are some very clever ideas to be found here. The idea is to fly your little ship around collecting coins and pickups, then reaching the portal at the end. What makes the game so interesting is the ship workshop - at points in each level, you can enter the workshop and edit your ship by sticking parts all over it. Need to press a button through a tight gap? Grab those pipes, nail them all to the side of your ship in a straight line, and fit them through the gap. Of course, this is completely unbalance the whole ship, so you'll need to put some rubbish on the other side of your ship too to level it out.

There are other gizmos to attach too, like the traction beam for grabbing objects, which make for some great puzzles. The level design is great for the most part too, while the art style is very fitting for the game's concept and atmosphere. I think for this kind of game, my number one concern is always how the control of the ship feels, and fortunately Ludosity have created a really fluid movement that feels great - I always felt in control.

So it's a 2D puzzle game revolving around building and rebuilding your little ship to get through every situation. No word on price yet, but you can be assured that this is one to look forward to.