Shown above is the trailer for Intuition Games' upcoming Unity game, Megabank Executive Humiliation Challenge (MEHC for short). From the video description:

"As a producer for the Japanese game show Megabank Executive Humiliation Challenge (MEHC), the nation is counting on you to keep them entertained by humiliating the best of the best in Western banking executives. Balance money-making obstacles and hire better executives to make the most profit you can in one season. Don't let your nation down!"

Also, click through for videos which include a gameplay clip for Infinite Ammo's new iPhone release, a commercial for Pixeljam's Mountain Maniac, and a trailer for Fractal, the new game from Cipher Prime (Auditorium):

trailer for Fractal, by Cipher Prime

trailer for Sketch Nation Shooter, by Engineous Games

trailer for Lucidity

Overgrowth Rap

Fire Hose Games music video

trailer for Pixel Whirled

trailer for Pop n' Lock

Das Cube, by Mark Johns and Alec Holowka

Mountain Maniac, by Pixeljam Games

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