The Adventures of Felix Fox: Tale of the Night is an action game recently released via Xbox Live Indie Games. Players take control of Felix, a fox who lives in the seemingly peaceful forests of Evergreen. However, venturing around reveals that this isn't the case at all, with other animals ready to pounce... and take a beating from Felix's superior fighting skills!

It's a good old button-basher, with Felix using a combination of buttons to lay down some punches, kicks and special moves. He also has some serious skills, like wall kicking to reach higher areas. The main campaign is what you'd expect - judo-chopping your way through hordes of baddies - and there's even a mode to allow your friends to spawn as the bad guys and attempt to stop your progress!

And that's only half of the game. There's also the battle mode, which allows up to 4 player (or 8 player online!) romps against each other over a range of arenas, with all the mode types a fighter would usually feature. Battle Royale or Team Play anyone?

At 240 MS Points ($3), this is XBLIGaming that you must at least try. Grab it from the Xbox Live Marketplace, or try the demo first.