In addition to the recently released trailer, the Introversion guys have now announced that Darwinia+, the Xbox mash-up of classic Darwinia and its multiplayer companion Multiwinia, will be landing on the Xbox Live Arcade on February 10th priced at 1200 MS Points.

"It’s been a long battle with Microsoft and their particularly high standards; in the end we are really thankful for their advice and help in completing this long and challenging game project. We have come to think of Darwinia+ as the Director's Cut as it has surpassed our expectations of what we were originally looking to create and now looks and feels smoother than ever. As Darwinia+ is our first adventure onto a games console this also marks an extra special celebration for Introversion."

We'll let you know in due course if it's worth forking out for, especially if you already own the PC versions.