Wonderfully experimental music maker, this. By creating note bars, gates and spawners, then fiddling around with a variety of sounds, noises and effects, Audia allows the user to create some incredibly brilliant sounding music pieces courtesy of bouncing bloom balls.

The controls are initially a little difficult to understand, but once you're going it's beautiful stuff. Holding down the middle mouse button creates a ball spawner, while holding the right mouse button creates bars which, when collided with, supply the music. Once you've got these basics down, there are a ton of special effects you can get on the go - changing the pitch, tone, volume etc of a note; placing 'gates' which allow for specific timing of notes; crazy movements for the note bar, like pulsing and spinning.

Awesome fun to play around with - you can even save your compositions for others to listen to. Go give your creative mind a workout at Gamejolt.