Created for the TIGSource Assemblee contest, DEBT is the story of Owen Sterling, a spaceman with a massive amount of cash to pay off. With debt collectors on the way, it's your job to help Owen grab as much loot as he can before they show up.

The first 30 seconds of each game involve flying to your destination, dodging asteroids along the way, then it's down to the main spectacle. There are three different worlds to explore with each offering a unique difficulty level, be it harder enemies or locked doors galore. Every gem, cash bundle or golden something-or-other you collect decreases your debt and you'll need to be quick on your feet if you want to clear the whole kaboodle.

Getting hit too many times will cause our debt-ridden hero to collapse and lose a minute of his precious time, and you'll need to make sure that you get back to the ship before time is up, or you'll be charged 'interest'. Online score boards show what kind of scores you're aiming for!

As this was created for the Assemblee competition, all the graphics and sound were created by a horde of other TIGers, credit to whom can be found on the download page.