Fantastic stuff by Mr. Droqen in the form of Probability 0. A downward-scrolling platformer, this is definitely a case of practice makes perfect aka when you first play this game, you will die. LOTS.

Players first opt for either Talent (set amount of skill points to distribute) or Potential (no skill points to begin with, but points picked up from killing enemies), before setting off on their plunge into the unknown. Z jumps, X punches/throws ninja stars. Pressing space accesses the Upgrade Menu - and this is where it gets interesting. Skill points can be used to buy special abilities and upgrades for your stocky little guy, and each ability bought opens up more abilities available for purchase.

Each ability, of course, will make your descent easier. It's all very nicely done, and the skill tree really makes you sit and wonder if there is a perfect set or order to choose. Throw into this music which gets more aggravated as more enemies are close by, and flashing statistics all over the place which, in general, want to tell you how close you are to death, and you've got yourself quite the experience.

Give it a shot over at Gamejolt.