Quick as Thieves is a third-person action game in which you play as a thief out to steal an item called the 'MacGuffin' from a museum. Though driven by a single objective that has to be completed in under ten minutes, there is plenty of room in your sack for just about every item you can get your grubby hands on. Guards will try to stop you on sight, but the combat is a simple affair of tapping the button rapidly until you counter their collective attacks.

The game plays like a variation of the Katamari series, and the loot that you acquire actually serves the purpose of upgrading the thief's skill sets. There are a couple of easter eggs to be found (the gallery near the staircase is one), and if you happen to get lost inside the museum all you have to do is follow the red carpet to find your way to the treasure vault.

An Xbox360 controller is required to play the game, and visitors can only download from the Dare to be Digital site after creating a user account and logging in with it (or you can use this, username: indygamer, password: password). Note that the download server might be offline during peak hours. Quick as Thieves was one of the three games shortlisted for a BAFTA award earlier last year. (Windows, 281MB)