Today's collection of independent game links include a reminder about the Experimental Gameplay Workshop's submission date, an update on the Experimental Gameplay Project's monthly theme, Brandon Boyer's guide to the 2010 Indie Games Festival, and the revelation of a new unlockable character for Team Meat's Super Meat Boy. (image source)

Super Meat Boy: You Unlocked Flywrench
"Flywrench will be a playable character in Super Meat Boy. When you find the secret warp zone you get sucked into the low-fi world of Flywrench, where Meat Boy is infiltrated by the popular flapping protagonist."

Braid Blog: The Experimental Gameplay deadline is looming...
"If you are a designer of interesting/experimental/different games, and you'd like to present a game to a large audience that's excited by new and challenging work, you've got just about one week to send in your submission."

DIYgamer: 10 Great Indie Games You Didn't Play in 2009
"Many, many indie games get released each year. We have our superstar, sure-to-be-a-hit titles. We also have our games that should have been a hit, but, for whatever reason, just seemed to slip through the cracks of the gaming world. This list is largely based on my own opinion about games that should have been more appreciated but, ultimately, weren't."

Boing Boing: Guide to the 2010 Indie Games Festival
"A complete illustrated guide to all twenty of 2010's IGF finalists across all its categories, with a précis of each, links for more information, and, where available, a link to play all finalists that have already released their games."

Maximum PC: 22 Flash Games Worth Getting Addicted To
"You don't want to waste time browsing--you need the definitive go-to guide to the best of what's out there. For a hint of nostalgia, or to get your feet wet with casual gaming, spend some quality time with classics of the genre, collected in our list of all-time favorites."

Jamie Woodhouse: Pay What You Want Sale (for Qwak)
"Visit the Qwak site, select PC or Mac, name your own price, then proceed through to PayPal to purchase the game."

Experimental Gameplay Project: 2010 calls for 100 Things.
"100 Things is the name of the game this month, in honor of the original Indie Game Jam, which back in March of 2002 tasked developers with using 100,000 sprites on screen at the same time."

Experimental Gameplay Project: And the winner is...
"The results from the Art Theme competition are back, and while it was a grueling, grueling judging time, congratulations are in order for one Mr. Alexitrón for his lifetime platformer entry And Everything Started to Fall."

Charlie's Games: Making Bullet Candy
"I thought it was about time I got this Making Bullet Candy thing I've been wanting to do written up."