Today's collection of independent game links include more articles about Xbox Live Indie Games, a couple of post sale analyses, a playable build of Terry Cavanagh's first VVVVVV prototype, and results for Ascii Dreams' Roguelike of the Year polls. (image source)

GamerBytes: Xbox Live Indie Games Sales For 2009
"GamerBytes' editor Ryan Langley looks at sales for Xbox Live Indie Games in 2009, with real data on how the top games are performing."

xnPlay: The Best Xbox Indie Games Releases 2009
"To counter some of the negativity (towards the Xbox Live Indie Games service), it's time to run through XNPlay's Best Indie Game releases of 2009."

Destructoid: The best indie games of '09 (that I forgot to mention)
"With Indie Nation now all but defunct, I have to apologize: I haven't been pimping out great indie games as frequently as I used to. I'd like to take some time to point out a few indie games that I personally failed to call attention to during 2009."

distractionware: The first VVVVVV prototype
"Now that the game's out, I thought it might be fun to share the first prototype publicly."

Jamie Woodhouse: Post Sale Analysis for Qwak
"Wanna find out how many copies of Qwak were sold in just seven days? Check it out here."

Wolfire Games Blog: Organic Indie Preorder Pack Postmortem
"We promised that we would write a postmortem report on our recent 'Organic Indie Preorder Pack' promotion. Here it is!"

Temple of the Roguelike: Ascii Dreams Roguelike of the Year 2009 Winners
"The poll for the best roguelike of 2009 has finished at Ascii Dreams, and the undoubted winner is..."

Gesundheit!: New Screenshots
"I've been working hard on Gesundheit! lately, so I thought I'd better update. The first two screens are new."