Today's collection of independent game links include a write-up on indie game devs in the UK, a selection of the best indie Metroidvanias around, and a comprehensive look at this year's IGF finalists courtesy of Big Download. (image source)

DIYgamer: The Indie 10 - Best Metroidvanias
"A Metroidvania game is simply a game that consists of an non-linear map, where by the player must gather or accrue items in order to get beyond certain obstacles in the game. We've decided to put together this handy little list of our very favorite indie Metroidvanias."

Big Download: IGF 2010 Finalists - Visual Excellence
"With the IGF finalists announced, game makers only have a short while longer to find out the best of the best in indie games from last year. From the best overall game to the one with the most impressive art, there's several different categories for indie game designers to aspire to be the top of." Also: Design, Audio, Technical Excellence.

Guardian: How Indie Gaming is Reviving the Britsoft Spirit
"Britain used to produce some of the most entertaining and idiosyncratic videogames in the world. Then the eighties ended. But are the glory days returning?"

Bytejacker: The most amazing Captain Forever ship you will ever see
"Someone enjoyed Captain Forever far more than we (or any other mere mortal) dared to."

Daniel Silber's Blog: Lessons learned while submitting to IGF
"My game was not selected as a finalist in any of the categories, but I still seem to be learning from the experience. It has become clear that in order to be successful in IGF, the submission needs a level of polish much higher than I had anticipated."

The Spirit Engine 2 is going freeware
"We decided to take the significant move of making The Spirit Engine 2 freeware, like the first game. The (freeware) release will hopefully come in the next couple of months."

Boing Boing: What do Indie Gaming's All-Stars think of Apple's iPad?
"I called together a handful of the best and brightest developers pushing the medium forward across every new device to ask what's the iPad going to mean for the future."