Let's take a look at the latest interviews with indie game developers on the web. Highlights include: more articles about Team Meat and Super Meat Boy, Terry Cavanagh speaks to the RPS crew, Dan Marshall on the future plans for Zombie Cow Studios, and a bit of update on the upcoming release of Cave Story Wii.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: VVVVVV Interview
"It was time to talk to Mr Distractionware - Terry Cavanagh - about all things VVVVVV. Discover below why the Jet Set Willy comparisons aren't quite right, the thinking behind the pricing decision and lots more."

Kombo: Team Meat Answers Questions About Super Meat Boy
"The indie devs behind the Flash hit Meat Boy talk about Ninja-Jonathan Blow, playing with themselves, and Super Meat Boy."

Elder-Speek: Super Meat Boy (audio podcast)
"Edmund and Tommy of Team Meat join us this week to talk about their upcoming title Super Meat Boy. The official interview starts at 19:00. We chat about past projects, Super Meat Boy development, the sexiness of the ratings system, going from indie to developing for Nintendo and a lot more."

The Escapist: Indie Developer Showcase, Meat Boy
"We spoke with McMillen about the ongoing development of SMB, censorship, and the lessons he's learned as an indie developer."

The Escapist: Indie Developer Showcase, Mondo Agency
"The first thing you need to know about Cactus, aka Jonatan Söderström, is that he's more interested in novelty and quantity rather than quality. Cactus has released over three dozen games in the last few years, all freely available on his website."

The Escapist: Indie Developer Showcase, Flywrench
"If there's such thing as a 'typical' indie designer, it isn't Mark Essen, aka Messhof. For one, Essen makes individual games as much for art galleries and universities as he does for gamers at large. It all seems rather high brow until you actually get your hands on his work."

Joystiq: Tyrone Rodriguez on Cave Story, La-Mulana, and more
"Rodriguez spoke to us a bit about the progress of the (Cave Story) remake, as well as Nicalis' other projects, Nicklas 'Nifflas' Nygren's physics-based platformer NightSky and another WiiWare remake of a retro-style cave exploration platformer, La-Mulana."

Examiner: Q & A with The Odd Gentlemen on P.B. Winterbottom
"We asked Matt and Odd Gentlemen CEO, Producer and Janitor Paul Belleza to share their thoughts on Winterbottom, indie game development, and the creative process."

Bytejacker: Sean Murray of Hello Games talks Joe Danger
"Bytejacker was fortunate enough to get an interview with Managing Director Sean Murray to talk about Joe Danger's surprising inspirations, the distinction between simple and casual games, and the 'hidden subtlety' of uncomplicated control schemes."

Adventure Gamers: Dan Marshall, Zombie Cow Studios
"Dan Marshall took time out of his hectic lifestyle to talk to Adventure Gamers about Ben There, Dan That!, Time, Gentlemen, Please!, and forthcoming Revenge of the Balloon-Headed Mexican."