Here's a sweet deal if you were interested in getting Wolfire Games' Overgrowth or Unknown Worlds' Natural Selection 2 (and had not pre-ordered them yet). Both development teams are currently offering a special preorder bundle called the Organic Indie Preorder Pack, which includes the two games mentioned above at 40% ($39.95 instead of the usual $70) off until Thursday next week.

Anyone who had preordered either game can get the other for free. For Overgrowth perorder owners who wants to redeem for their copy of NS2, click here. Natural Selection 2 customers can go here.

The website for the offer is here, and we've embedded the promotional video in the extended for your amusement too. Note that the offer is only for pre-ordering the two games (you will get access to the beta), as the release dates for both games have not been announced yet.