Prose and Motion is a physics-based word game. Yes, you did read that right. Given a bunch of letters, the task is to rearrange them in order to make a word - you do this by grabbing them and putting them in place.

Of course, this being a physics game, it's never that simple. The first few levels ask you to stick the letters next to each other to progress, but very soon you're being asked to build bridges and sit your word across them, or shuffle pieces around to make space available. There is also a 'perfect word' for each level - i.e. a word which can be made using the available letters, and has some relevance to the prose on display.

Grabbing and placing the letters can be a little fiddly, but let's face it - we've been dealing with awkward physics controls for years now, so let's not take it out on Mr. Beige. It's interesting stuff anyway, and well worth a go.