The finalists for Direct2Drive's IGF Vision Award - which is picked by IGF Download Partner D2D from the more than 300 IGF main competition entries, and was won by Osmos last year -- have been announced.

The winner will be presented with the $10,000 D2D-donated cash prize during the Independent Games Festival award ceremony on March 11th.

The five finalists for the Direct2Drive Vision Award for this year are:

- HurricaneX2, a 3D martial arts brawler from You Yun Tech.
- Joe Danger, a build-it-yourself stuntman simulator from Hello Games.
- Nyxquest: Kindred Spirits, from Over The Top Games, which challenges players to fly, aim and shoot through a world inspired by Greek myths.
- Super Meat Boy, a platform game from Team Meat starring a lovable cube of meat who must race through dangerous obstacles to save his girlfriend.
- Max and the Magic Marker, a puzzle platform game from Press Play with a unique “magic marker” drawing mechanic.

More details on the D2D site.