Chokotto DiaRunba (thanks to Tacashi and anonymous for the name translation) is a small puzzle game in which you have no direct control over the main character, but you can select which tiles to slide vertically to create a path for her to move forward. Pressing the Z key speeds up the action, and it is game over if you let her touch an enemy or get crushed by a tile on the left side of the screen.

Enemies can be turned into crystals to collect by leading them towards each other. When two of the bearded red enemies are positioned side by side, they will disappear in a puff of smoke and a pair of gems will appear in their place. The green ones break out of their eggs after appearing on screen for a couple of seconds, and continue to proceed left until a block prevents them from going further. You can download the game here, but it won't work on PCs that cannot read Japanese file names. (Windows, 9.68MB)