Today's collection of independent game links include the return of 1UP's annual free games feature, a couple more contest announcements, and the release of a new iPhone game from last year's IGF finalist Tale of Tales.

1UP: 101 Free Games 2010
"Maybe not all of them will perfectly suit your taste, but with 101 to pick from you're sure to find something that'll keep you busily avoiding anything resembling work." IGF 2010 - Pocketwatch Games
"I actually tried to get Monaco made as a big 3-D AAA title when I was at a game company about 6 years ago. We prototyped the thing but we couldn't find enough publisher interest to get the game made."

Phil Hassey: Galcon Fusion announced
"Galcon Fusion is a port of iPhone Galcon plus Galcon Labs to the desktop, this time with hi-def graphics and a full interactive soundtrack. It's going to be coming to Steam and direct on my website on February 11th."

Kotaku: 2010 Life Love Game Design Challenge Offers $2.5K Prize
"It's the kick off for the third annual Life. Love. Game Design Challenge. This flash design contest challenges budding developers to create a game that deals with teen dating violence without using any violence in the game."

MochiLand: "The Reality Bytes Flash Game Contest" announcement
"In the Reality Bytes Flash game contest, you have three months to create a game in the simulation or resource management genre. The contest will be running from February 2nd to April 30th, and there's $15,000 to be split among the winners."

GameSetWatch: Tale of Tales Releases First iPhone Game
"Indie game developer Tale of Tales launched its first iPhone/iPod Touch title, Vanitas, a meditative piece designed without rules or rewards. It's now available through the handset's App Store for $0.99."

Puppyblog: Revenge of the Titans - latest screenshots
"Revenge of the Titans is a game that has all of the great bits of Titan Attacks, like shooting things and buying stuff in a shop, but completely playable with a mouse."

Aztez Development Blog: Impact Effects
"I have created a piece of Unity content that showcases the different effects Aztez will use."