Let's take a look at the latest interviews with indie game developers on the web. Highlights include: an interview with The Odd Gentlemen about P.B. Winterbottom, DIYGamer's article on one of the IGF Student Showcase finalists, Gamasutra's continuation of their Road to the IGF features, and a chat with the ridiculously prolific adventure game developer Ben Chandler.

DIYgamer: IGF Student Winner Interviews - Ulitsa Dimitrova
"We almost finished our new game Ute. It's about a woman who has to have sex as much as she can before getting married. I hope we will have it finished by March."

Gamasutra: Road To The IGF - Daniel Benmergui's Today I Die
"Benmergui explains how impacting a player emotionally is more important than having his work 'classified as game or even a good game,' and other aspects of Today I Die."

Gamasutra: Road To The IGF - Sidhe's Shatter
"Mario Wynands (managing director for Sidhe) offers some background behind the making of Shatter's audio, describes his excitement for the evolution of the indie game development scene, and why nostalgia isn't necessarily the 'driving force' behind the popularity of retro-inspired games."

Gamasutra: Slick Entertainment's Waanders on Scrap Metal Engine
"In this interview, conducted after Scrap Metal had gone to alpha, Nick Waanders discusses about the game's network code, damage arbitration, physics system, and even the implementation of 3D using red and blue glasses."

Gamasutra: Behind High Frequency Bandwidth's PixelJunk Shooter Tracks
"We catch up with The Orb's Alex Paterson and collaborator Dom Beken, the folks behind the soundtrack to PixelJunk Shooter as High Frequency Bandwidth."

Examiner: Q & A with The Odd Gentlemen on P.B. Winterbottom
"We asked Matt and Odd Gentlemen CEO, Producer and Janitor Paul Belleza to share their thoughts on Winterbottom, indie game development, and the creative process."

Gnome's Lair: Ben Chandler
"Ben Chandler (or Ben 304) is the creative mind behind such freeware indie gems as !, Annie Android, Featherweight, Heed and Awakener. He's been nice enough to let me pick his mind and present you with this enlightening interview that sports some pretty mouth-watering exclusive info."