Let's take a look at the latest interviews with indie game developers on the web. Highlights include: Joystiq's feature on Zombie Cow Studios, RPS's chat with IGF main competition contenders, DIYGamer's spotlight on Student Showcase finalists, and GameDev.net's interviews with the developers of Aaaaa! and Super Meat Boy.

Joystiq: The Indie Pitch - Zombie Cow Studios
"We're currently working on a game called Privates. It's an action-platformer about a squad of teeny-tiny Space Marines rummaging around peoples' stuff, shooting things. It's pretty nuts. Privates will be free on PC, and if it gets an Xbox Indie Games release, some of the cash will go to charity."

DIYgamer: The Future of Gaming - Boryokudan Rue
"I contacted Josh after the announcement he made it into IGF and got the chance to take the game for a spin and sit down with this bright young developer in a coffee shop just off the UCLA campus to talk about his experience."

DIYgamer: The Future of Gaming - Continuity
"We've begun work on an iPhone version of Continuity. We're hoping to make it fun for people that have already played Continuity, so it will be more of a sequel than a port."

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: IGF Factor 2010 - A Slow Year
"Ian Bogost's A Slow Year picked up a nomination for the IGF Nuovo Award. It's available later this year. Until then, we talk to its creator about A Slow Year."

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: IGF Factor 2010 - Monaco
"Monaco is a four-player co-op stealth game that's been shortlisted for both the Design and the Seumas McNally Grand Prize. This is our interview with Andy Schatz."

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: IGF Factor 2010 - Vessel
"Strange Loop Games' Vessel picked up a nomination for a technical award this year, in its fluid-based character-puzzle game with a mass of glorious steampunkisms. We talk to John Krajewski and Martin Farren about it, the IGF and the future."

GameDev.net: IGF 2010 - Strange Loop Games
"The first time I got fluid working was a huge moment. Opening a flood gate and seeing a mass of water flow and splash and churn, pushing objects away, forming waves naturally that crash and recede, all these beautiful things you expect from real fluid that were now taking place from the equations I'd written."

GameDev.net: IGF 2010 - Dejobaan Games
"We're now prototyping an iPhone version (of Aaaaa!) with fellow indie Koduco Games. While we haven't announced whether that'll officially become our next title, we expect the playable test to be done within a few months."

GameDev.net: IGF 2010 - Team Meat
"I heard Andy Schatz is famous for making burritos."